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July 2021

Ocean Cheung – Principle Investigator

Ocean is currently an assistant professor at the Division of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials at Uppsala University, Sweden. Ocean grew up in the small town of Monmouth, UK. He holds a Master of Chemistry (MChem) degree from the University of Warwick, UK and a PhD in Materials Chemistry from Stockholm University, Sweden. His PhD work was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Niklas Hedin on the development of narrow pore zeolites and related materials for carbon dioxide sorption. After completing his PhD Ocean was a postdoc in Prof. Maria Strømme‘s group at Uppsala University. After another postdoc position at Heriot-Watt University, UK he returned to Uppsala University as a senior researcher. In 2019 Ocean was appointed assistant professorship at Uppsala University and completed his Docent title in 2020. Ocean has received a number of prestigious awards including the “Swedish King Gustafs 50th Birthday Award for Sciences, Engineering and Environment in 2018 and the Oscar Prize for young scientists in 2020

OCRID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4072-4324

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Michelle Åhlén – PhD student since 2017

Michelle Åhlén graduated with a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden. Her master thesis focused on the development of nanoparticle-loaded hydrogels with enzyme-triggered drug release for opththalmic applications . She is currently working on the synthesis and characterization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) for gas storage and separation as well as catalysis.

Ribooga Chang – PhD student since 2019

Ribooga Chang graduated with an MSc from Gwanju institute of science and technology(GIST), South Korea. Her MSc work was on the control of calcium carbonate crystallisation and polymorphism for mineral carbonation of CCS technology. She is currently working on the synthesis and practical applications of various nano and mesoporous materials including calcium carbonate for gas separation, water treatment and drug delivery

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Daniel Hedbom – PhD student since 2021

Daniel Hedbom graduated with a BSc and MSc from Uppsala University, Sweden. His MSc thesis work was on pore size tailoring of ZIF-8 hybrids for greenhouse gas capture. He is currently working on the synthesis of novel metal-organic framework (MOF) for gas separation, molecular detection and heterogeneous catalysis.

Internship/Thesis students

Dhruva Deole (Uppsala University)

Meghdad Hosseinzadegan (Uppsala University)

Ali Maghsoodpoor (Uppsala University)

Previous group members


Dr. Rui Sun (PhD, 2015-2019)

Dr. Maria Vall (PhD, 2015-2019)

Thesis students

Ao Gao (MSc thesis, 2016)

Philip Enerbo (MSc thesis, 2016)

Jonas Hultberg (MSc thesis, 2018)

Daniel Koivisto (MSc thesis, 2018)

Fenne de Kleijne (Degree project, 2018) – exchange student from The Netherlands

Oliver Horner (Degree project, 2019) – exchange student from Canada

Camille Serra (Degree project, 2019) – exchange student from France

Eveline Croket (Degree project, 2019) – exchange student from Belgium

Laura Pacoste (MSc thesis, 2019)

Rebecka Löfgren (MSc thesis, 2019)

Daniel Hedbom (MSc thesis, 2020-21)

Abbas Jafari (MSc thesis, 2020-21)

Oskar Hellman (MSc thesis, 2021)

Amir Al Abdallah (Polytech Marseille, France)

Romane Bonnans (Polytech Marseille, France)

Mathilde Croizat (Polytech Marseille, France)

Clara Grimaldi (Polytech Marseille, France)

Victor Lefèvre (Polytech Nantes, France)

Evelina Wiksten (Uppsala University)

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Our research group works on the development of micro and mesoporous materials for a number of bio and environmental application. We are based at Uppsala University, Sweden

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