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We are happy to share our expertise and collaborate with other researchers. Especially on the characterisation of porous materials. If you would like to collaborate with us please contact us!

Synthesis and tailoring of microporous and mesoporous materials

Microporous and mesoporous materials are very interesting functional materials for many applications. Our group has a number of on-going research projects related to the synthesis of novel porous materials. We specialise in solvothermal and hydrothermal synthesis of porous materials such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). In recent years, we have developed and optimised the synthesis of a number functional materials including: highly porous amorphous calcium carbonate (HPACC), highly porous amorphous calcium phosphate (HPACP) and a selection of MOFs. Apart from synthesis of novel materials we are also interested in tailoring the functionalities of these porous materials, including pore size control and surface modification.

Porous sorbents for greenhouse gas separation

Greenhouse gases such as CO2 and SF6 are major pollutants that are emitted from a number of industrial processes. Our work focuses on developing and optimising porous sorbents that can capture these gases. Our work on sorbent development covers a wide range of sorbents. We have on-going research project on the development of high temperature inorganic oxide CO2 sorbents, including CaO and ZrO2 based sorbents. Apart from high temperature sorbents, we have been very active in the development of microporous physisorbent for CO2 and SF6 sorption. We have significant expertise in the development of zeolite based sorbents, as well as metal organic frameworks and activated carbon. Check out our publications for more information.

Porous materials for bio- and environmental applications

Application of porous materials is an interesting and exciting field with endless possibilities. Our work on bio-applications of porous materials includes the development and functionalisation of mesoporous materials for drug delivery and bone therapy. Environmental application that are included in our research activities include gas separation, heterogenous catalysis, water treatment, check our our publications for more information.

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Our research group works on the development of micro and mesoporous materials for a number of bio and environmental application. We are based at Uppsala University, Sweden

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